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Insane Commitment Records


Series documents the examination, commitment, and release of mentally ill persons to and from the state's mental institutions. Series contains statements of complaint and commitment recorded by the county clerk or recorder and includes petitions to have an individual committed; physicians certification that an individual is insane; delivery warrants authorizing a county official (usually the sheriff) to take the individual to the state hospital; patient discharges; paroles or transfers; indexes; and correspondence. Information includes patient and family names, date committed, reason, physical description, and a brief family history. This series may also be known as the Insane Record, Mental Illness Record, and Mentally Ill and Feeble Minded Record. By 1968, in most counties, the commitment of the mentally ill or deficient had become the responsibility of the circuit court. Access to these records may be restricted for 75 years by Oregon Revised Statute 192.496.

Records at the Oregon State Archives:
Active Accounts Feeble Minded and Insane, 1902-1933 (1 volume);
Law Record County Court [includes naturalization, insane commitment, and adoption information-with index], vol. 3, 1892-1899 (1 volume);
Mental Health Cases [Miscellaneous Commitment Records], 1911-1929 (.30 cu.ft.);
Record of Commitments of Mentally Diseased Persons [with index], vol. 5, 1941-1949 (1 volume);
Record of Insane Commitments [with index], vol. 2-4, 1905-1941 (3 volumes);
Record of Insane [with index], vol. 1, 1895-1905 (1 volume);
Traveling Agent's Detail of Commitment [Insane], 1929-1949 (1 volume);
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Records at the Walnut Street Center Building, Second Floor Circuit Court Archives:
County Court Law [Record-includes insane commitment and juvenile cases-with index], vol. 12, 1953-1955 (1 volume);
Mental Health [Commitment Case Files-alphabetical], 1931-1965 (12 cu.ft.);
Mental Health [Commitment Case Files], no. 1-2067,1965-1986 (12.50 cu.ft.); no. MH87.001-MH87.052, 1987 (.50 cu.ft.); no. C88.001MC-C99.0119MC, 1988-1999 (15 cu.ft.);
Mentally Diseased [Record], vol. 6-10, 1949-1958 (5 volumes);
Record of Mentally Diseased [title varies-some with index], vol. 11-40, 1958-1977 (29 volumes).

Records at the Washington County Justice Services Building, Fourth Floor, Circuit Court Judge Irwin's Chambers:
Mental Commitments [Case Files], no. C08.0001MC-C13.0064MC, 2008-present (7 cu.ft.).

Records at the Washington County Justice Services Building, Circuit Court Civil Records Room:
Index of Mentally Diseased, vol. 1, ca.1895-1987 (1 volume).

Records at the Washington County Courthouse, Basement File Room Vault:
[Mental Commitments Case Files], no. C00.0001MC-C07.0083MC, 2000-2007 (14 cu.ft.).

Records at the Washington County Historical Records Vault:
Law Record County Court [includes insane commitment, adoption, and naturalization cases], vol. 2, 1884-1892 (1 volume);
Law Record County Court [includes insane commitment, adoption, and naturalization cases-with index], vol. 4-5, 1899-1921 (2 volumes);
Law Record County Court [includes insane commitment, juvenile, and adoption cases-with index], vol. 6-7, 1921-1940 (2 volumes).


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