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Judgment and Execution Records


Series records official decisions by the court and subsequent instructions to the sheriff to recover costs and awards related to debt, divorce, and other civil cases. The record serves as the official notice of the existence of a lien. Information includes title and case number; names of plaintiff, creditor, defendant, debtor, and attorney; amount of judgment; description of property levied on; writ of execution; disposition of case; decisions on appeals; dates docketed and satisfied; and volume and page numbers where recorded. Records may include judgment dockets, execution dockets, and fee books. Judgment and execution records have been inventoried through 1920.

Records at the Oregon State Archives:
Circuit Court Executions, 1846-1893 (.10 cu.ft.);
Circuit Court Judgement Docket [Individual Documents], 1851-1889 (.10 cu.ft.);
Circuit Court Judgements Docket [Individual Documents], 1873-1889 (.10 cu.ft.);
County Court Records [Executions-reel no. 5], 1846-1893 (1 reel of microfilm);
County Court Records [Judgments-reel no. 6], 1851, 1861-1888 (1 reel of microfilm);
District and Circuit Court Records [Record of Judgments and Fees], 1851-1862 (1 reel of microfilm);
Execution Docket Circuit Court, vol. 1, 1864-1879 (1 volume);
Execution Docket Circuit Court [with index], vol. 2-4, 1880-1905 (3 volumes);
Execution Docket County Court, 1861-1885 (1 volume);
Judgment Docket Circuit Court, vol. 2-3, 1879-1933 (2 volumes);
Judgment Docket County Court, vol. 1, 1859-1869 (1 volume);
Sheriff's Executions, 1880-1929 (.15 cu.ft.);
U.S. District Court Executions, 1846-1858 (.20 cu.ft.).

Records at the Washington County Historical Records Vault:
County Court Execution Docket [with index], vol. 3, 1894-1943 (1 volume);
County Court Fee Book [includes county and probate cases-also includes execution records], 1851-1852 (1 volume); 1860-1868 (1 volume);
County Court Fee Book [includes Execution Docket], 1860-1861 (1 volume);
County Court Fee Book [includes Record of Sheriff's Returns on Execution], 1864-1873 (2 volumes);
Execution Docket County Court [with index], 1885-1894 (1 volume);
[Index to Execution Docket-Circuit Court], 1864-1880 (1 volume);
Judgment Docket [Circuit Court-with index], vol. 2, 1879-1910 (1 volume);
Judgment Docket County Court, vol. 2, 1883-1909 (1 volume); vol. 2, 1883-1950 (1 volume);
Old Judgment Docket, 1853-1881 (1 volume).

Records at the Washington County Justice Services Building, Circuit Court Civil Office, Microfilm Cabinet:
[Execution Docket], vol. 1-7, 1864-1922 (4 reels of microfilm).

Records at the Washington County Museum, Research Library and Archives:
RG 2.25 Executions of Judgment [Circuit Court], 1888-1923 (.70 cu.ft.);
RG 2.25 Executions of Judgment [Circuit Court and County Court], 1847-1918 (1.70 cu.ft.);
Satisfactions of Judgment [Circuit Court], 1888-1930 (.35 cu.ft.);
[Washington County Court Records #7-Executions], 1846-1893 (1 reel of microfilm);
[Washington County Court Records #11-Judgments], 1851, 1861-1888 (1 reel of microfilm).


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