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Mortgage Records


Series documents the written interest in land providing security for the performance of a duty or payment of a debt. Records include mortgages; trustee's deeds of reconveyance; indexes, both by mortgagor and mortgagee name; and satisfactions. Information includes mortgagor and mortgagee names, property descriptions, mortgage terms, witness names, certifications, recording and satisfaction dates, volume and page numbers where recorded, and recorder's signature. Series also includes executor/executrix information when mortgages were transferred through wills and mortgages of land to individuals under the provisions of the Donation Land Act of 1850.

Since 1964 mortgages have been recorded as part of the Book of Records (Clerk and Recorder Official Filings).

Records at the Oregon State Archives:
Index to Mortgages [Direct and Indirect], 1850-1882 (2 volumes).

Records at the Public Services Building, Suite 130, Recording Division Office Area:
Direct/Indirect Indexes [Direct Index to Mortgages], 1850-1977 (8 reels of microfilm);
Direct/Indirect Indexes [Indirect Index to Mortgages], 1850-1977 (12 reels of microfilm);
[Direct Mortgage Index], 1963-1964 (1 volume);
[Indirect Mortgage Index], 1963-1964 (1 volume);
Mortgage Records, vol. A-I, 1851-1883 (3 reels of microfilm); vol. K-Z, 26-511, 1883-1964 (231 reels of microfilm).

Records at the Washington County Historical Records Vault:
Direct Index to Mortgages, 1850-1888 (1 volume);
Index to Mortgages [indexes vol. A-L], 1850-ca.1888 (1 volume);
Indirect Index to Mortgages, 1850-1888 (1 volume);
Mortgage Record [unbound], vol. 388-389, 1959 (2 volumes);
Mortgage Record, vol. 196-204, 1946-1947 (9 volumes); vol. 278, 1952 (1 volume); vol. 283, 1952 (1 volume); vol. 289-290, 1952 (2 volumes); vol. 304-316, 1953-1954 (13 volumes); vol. 337-387, 1955-1959 (51 volumes);
Mortgages, Easements, and Abstracts [includes miscellaneous deeds], 1931-1961 (.25 .cu.ft.);
Record of Mortgages [title varies], vol. A-I, 1851-1883 (9 volumes); vol. K-Z, 26-34, 1883-1897 (25 volumes); vol. 36-47, 1897-1906 (12 volumes); vol. 50-51, 1905-1908 (2 volumes).

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