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Circuit Court Case Files


Series documents cases heard before the circuit courts and the U.S. district courts. U.S. district courts were administered by the federal government during the territorial period and subsequently replaced by the circuit courts upon statehood in 1859. Case files include exhibits, transcripts, indexes, and legal documents such as indictments, subpoenas, fee bills, articles of agreement, bonds, summons, executions, petitions, and injunctions. The case files document civil and criminal actions such as debt, theft, divorce, land claims, arson, murder, rape, assault and battery, and boundary conflicts. Circuit court records continue after 1983 under authority of the state and are maintained by the trial court administrator. Circuit court records have been inventoried through 1983. For information on more recent court records, contact the trial court administrator. Portions of these records may be restricted.

Records at the Wheeler County Courthouse, Clerk's Vault:
File Case [Circuit Court Case Files-title varies], no. 1-1217, 1899-1935 (19.35 cu.ft.);
File Case Criminal [Circuit Court], 1899-ca.1906 (.15 cu.ft.);
Misc. [Miscellaneous Court Documents-includes indictments, undertakings, complaints, bonds, and related records from circuit, county, justice, and probate courts], ca.1904-ca.1948 (.15 cu.ft.).

Records at the Wheeler County Courthouse, Trial Court Coordinator's Office:
Civil [Circuit Court Case Files], no. 2436-2705, 1976-1983 (4 reels of microfilm);
Register of Actions [with index-also indexes circuit court case files and journals], vol. 1-4, 1898-1988 (4 volumes).

Records at the Wheeler County Courthouse, Trial Court Second Floor Records Storage Room:
Civil [Circuit Court Case Files-also includes some criminal case files and some case files from 1899-1935], no. 1213-2435, 1935-1976 (16 cu.ft.);
Criminal [Circuit Court Case Files], no. 1.C-194.C, 1967-1983 (4 cu.ft.);
Wheeler Circuit Court Misc. [Box 2-Miscellaneous Circuit Court Case Documents-includes decrees, indictments, transcripts of judgment, subpoenas, orders, affidavits, motions, complaints, and related records], ca.1911-ca.1960 (1 cu.ft.);
Wheeler Circuit Court Misc. [Box 3-Miscellaneous Circuit Court Case Documents-includes petitions, orders, reports, and related records], ca.1911-ca.1960 (1 cu.ft.).


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