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Superintendent of Schools Records


Series documents the official and financial affairs of the superintendent of schools concerning teachers, students, and schools located in the county. Records include annual statements on the condition of common (public) schools in the county, school district boundary records, school district accounts, and book purchases. Information includes financial information, school curricula, boundary descriptions, and enrollment and attendance data. Superintendent of schools records have been inventoried through 1965.

Records at the Oregon State Archives:
District Boundary Description Record, 1889-1906 (2 volumes);
District Clerk's Annual Reports [Superintendent's Record-includes abstracts from all districts], 1901-1912 (2 volumes);
School District Boundary Descriptions, 1892 (1 volume);
Superintendent of School Records [Record of Annual Reports, Disbursements, Etc.], 1891-1901 (1 volume);
Teacher Certification Register, 1888-1913 (2 volumes).

Records at the Yamhill County Museum Research Library, Wood Cabinets:
[County School Superintendent Trifolded Records-includes various school district annual reports, census reports, budgets, teacher's reports, high school reports, and related documents], 1911-1933 (8 cu.ft.);
Eighth Grade [Examination Record Cards-alphabetical], ca.1922-ca.1932 (.50 cu.ft.);
Eighth Grade Exemptions [Application Cards-various school districts], 1929-1932 (.20 cu.ft.);
Finished Grades [Superintendent's Record of Eighth Grade Examinations-Cards], ca.1914-ca.1942 (1.25 cu.ft.);
Teacher's Contracts [Registration of Teachers' Contracts and Certificates-Cards-includes teacher certification information], ca.1909-ca.1951 (1.50 cu.ft.);
Teachers Grades [Record of Teachers' Examination-Cards], 1917-1932 (.25 cu.ft.).


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