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Administration is responsible for implementing the policies of the State Board of Agriculture; administering the internal and external planning and initiatives of the Department working toward and encouraging long range planning to develop and promote agriculture resources in the state; tracking, monitoring, and developing legislation; acting as liaison to the governor and Legislative Assembly; participating in various groups and committees relating to agriculture issues; and making numerous public appearances and presentations representing Oregon agriculture to consumer and industry groups nationally and internationally.

The State Board of Agriculture advises the Oregon Department of Agriculture on policy issues and development of rules. Oregon's Governor appoints nine of the board members; the chair of Oregon's Soil and Water Conservation Commission serves as the tenth member. Board members serve four-year terms and a maximum of two terms.

The Director serves as an ex-officio member on the over 25 agricultural commodity commissions and provides guidance and direction to 47 soil and water conservation districts in Oregon.

The Wine Advisory Board, technically not a commodity commission, is addressed by the Administration area as well.

Administrative Services
The Administration Services Division provides support services to assist the Divisions in carrying out their programs. Business, personnel, and computer-related functions are all handled within this Division. Licensing is also a significant part of this area. The Oregon Department of Agriculture currently issues over 80 licenses addressing all facets of agriculture production and commerce.

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