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Agricultural Development and Marketing Division (ADMD)
The Agricultural Development and Marketing Division (ADMD) identifies market opportunities for Oregon agricultural producers in key international markets. Their goal is to help Oregon businesses cultivate a sustainable, profitable economy through product and market development of high-value and value-added food and agricultural products.

Consultations with Oregon firms and coordination of contacts between Oregon producers and domestic and international buyers as well as manages federal export assistance funds for Oregon firms are major facets of this Division's work. Promotional activities such as trade missions and shows, the organization of promotions for Oregon products, and hosting foreign trade delegations are also performed.

ADMD also provides legislated oversight to Oregon's Commodity Commissions under ORS 576. The commodity commissions are funded by assessments made on the producers of the commodities.

The members of agricultural commodity commissions are appointed by the Director of the Department of Agriculture upon recommendations made by the industries they represent. Each individual commission has the authority to hire its own employees or contract with others to handle administrative duties. Seven commissions elect their members as a result of a 1986 amendment that permits this optional method. Each of these must hold an election each year for the terms that expire. Ex officio members of each commission are the Director of the Department of Agriculture and the dean of the School of Agriculture at Oregon State University. In addition, each of the 3 seafood commissions has an ex-officio member representing the Department of Fish and Wildlife.

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