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Commodity Inspection Division
The Commodity Inspection Division's mission is to provide analytical services for Food Safety, Plant, and Agricultural Marketing and Development Divisions as well as other government agencies; and manage the export certification programs.

Graders, inspectors, and support staff oversee self-supported systems of examining and grading fresh fruits, nuts, and vegetables to ensure uniform quality produce for Oregon's consumers. The Division also provides grading services for the grain industry and seed inspection for the grass seed industry to ensure proper product labeling.

Primary activities of the Division include sampling and grading grain, produce and seed, and hops; licensing and auditing grain storage facilities; licensing produce and seed dealers; preparing phytosanitary certificates for seed sales and shipment; developing controls for noxious weeds; administering county weed control assistance grants; and registering beekeepers and apiary brands. Eight different shipping point districts around the state sample, inspect, and grade fruits, vegetables, and nuts for the fresh market as required by Oregon law, federal marketing orders, and by industry request.

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