Department of Agriculture Records Guide

Record Series Description List

Administrative, Legal, and Fiscal:
Administrative Correspondence, 1931-1988
Administrative Program Records, 1943-1989
Administrative Rules Records, 1942-1986
Audio Tapes, 1970-1976
Board of Agriculture Records, 1935-1979
Environmental Protection Agency Annual Agreements and Reports, 1978-1994
Fiscal Records, 1931-1988
Legal Records, 1931-1981
Organization Records, 1943-1955
Pacific Northwest Regional Commission Records, 1974-1983

Animal Industry Division:
Animal Disease Records, 1937-1988
Animal Industry Program Records, 1930-1988
Livestock Records, 1907-1988

Commodity Commissions:
Commodity Commission Records, 1941-1988
Minutes, Chewing Fescue and Creeping Red Fescue Commission, 1955-1983
Minutes and Assessment Reports, Fine Fescue Commission, 1983-1999
Minutes and Assessment Reports, Tall Fescue Commission, 1987-2000

Development and Marketing:
Agricultural Development and Marketing Records, 1942-1988
Public Relations Records, 1931-1984
State Fair Records, 1868-1988

Food and Dairy:
Food and Dairy Division Records, 1985-1988
Foods and Dairies Records, 1940-1970
Milk and Dairy Records, 1946-1989
Milk Marketing Administration Records, 1942-1955
Oregon Dairy Council Publications, ca. 1980-ca. 1993
Oregon Dairy Products Commission Minutes, 1985-1992
Oregon Dairy Products Commission Newsletters, 1979-1992

Meat and Poultry:
Meat Inspection Records, 1931-1962
Poultry and Turkey Program Records, 1936-1986

Media Generally:
Films, n.d.
Photographs and Certificates, ca. 1931-ca. 1963
Photographs and Slides, 1930-1988
Posters, 1989-1993
Publications, 1938-1989

Miscellaneous Department Records:
Grain Inspection Division Records, 1934-1983
Gypsy Moth Project Records, 1981-1987
Horticulture Records, 1889-1946
Laboratory Service Records, 1968-1988
Weights and Measures Division Records, 1985-1988

Natural Resources Division:
Confined Animal Feeding Operations (CAFO) Case Files, 1972-1997 
Conservation Planning and Implementation Grants, Final Reports, 1985-2000 
Governor's Watershed Enhancement Board, Final Reports and Slides, 1989-2001

Plant Industry Division:
Apiary Records, 1939-1954
Plant Industry Division Records, 1936-1988
Plant Pest and Disease Records, 1941-1988

Soil and Water Conservation Division:
Administrative Records, 1985-1988
Clean Water Act Program Records, 1978-1983
Oregon Association of Conservation Districts Records, 1948-1987
Oregon Association of Conservation Districts Meeting Minutes, 1977-1995
Photographs, 1944-1987

Soil and Water Conservation Generally:
Soil and Water Conservation Commission, Administrative Records, 1939-1988
Soil and Water Conservation Commission Meeting Minutes, 1981-2000
Soil and Water Conservation District Minutes, 1947-2004
Soil and Water Conservation District Records, 1939-1996 
Tri-State Conservation Commission Meeting Minutes, 1985-1997

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