Oregon State Board of Control Records Guide


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Oregon State Board of Control Biennial Report, 1966-1968
The following excerpts provide history, goals and objectives, descriptions of services and programs, and comments in narrative form. See the hard copy Biennial Reports for more information, including extensive statistical reports.

Organization chart (1 page)

Duties and responsibilities of the board (4 pages)

Mental Health Division administrator's report (7 pages)

Oregon State Hospital (7 pages)
Dammasch State Hospital (7 pages)
Eastern Oregon Hospital and Training Center (6 pages)
Fairview Hospital and Training Center (6 pages)
Columbia Park Hospital and Training Center (5 pages)

Corrections Division administrator's report (19 pages)

Oregon State Penitentiary (26 pages)
Oregon State Correctional Institution (18 pages)
MacLaren School for Boys (9 pages)
Hillcrest School of Oregon (14 pages)

Special Education Services Division administrator's report (12 pages)

Oregon State School for the Deaf (9 pages)
Oregon State School for the Blind (7 pages)

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