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Circuit Rider statue

(Enlarge image) This color lithograph depicts the Circuit Rider statue in front of the Oregon State Capitol in 1924. The lithograph was included in theprogram commemorating the dedication of the statue. The Capitol was destroyed by fire in 1935 and the statue was moved to the east side of the current Capitol. (Board of Control Records, Circuit Rider Statue Dedication Program, box 82)

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Capitol Mall model, 1957
Columbia Park Hospital nurses, ca. 1968
Correctional Institution visitors area, 1960
Dammasch State Hospital aerial view, 1960 
Dammasch State Hospital classroom, ca. 1968
Dammasch State Hospital recreation, ca. 1968
Deaf School student, ca. 1968
Eastern Oregon Hospital crafts, ca. 1968
Eastern Oregon Hospital exterior, 1947 
Eastern Oregon Hospital interior, 1947
Fairview Hospital architectural drawing, 1946 
Fairview Hospital cottage exterior, 1955 
Fairview Hospital medical treatment, ca. 1965
Hillcrest School riot aftermath, 1955 
Hillcrest School students cooking, ca. 1965
MacLaren Boys School construction, 1947 
MacLaren Boys School students, ca. 1965
Oregon State Building-proposed, ca. 1938 
Oregon State Hospital roller skating, ca. 1968
Oregon State Hospital storm damage, 1962 
Oregon State Hospital training, ca. 1965
Penitentiary Annex Farm flooding, 1964
Penitentiary cardiograph patient, 1953 
Penitentiary C-block cell, 1953
Penitentiary clothing room, 1953
Penitentiary dairy, 1953
Penitentiary D-block view, 1953
Penitentiary execution chamber, 1953 
Penitentiary kitchen, 1953 
Penitentiary pie eating contest, 1959
Penitentiary recreation area, 1953
Penitentiary vegetable room, 1953
Penitentiary women's ward, 1953

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