Oregon State Board of Control Records Guide

Record Series Description List

Administrative Correspondence, 1928-1969
Agendas and Exhibits, 1960-1969
Attorney General Opinions, 1935-1969
Biennial Reports, 1913-1969
Blind School Correspondence, 1935-1969
Circuit Rider Statue Dedication Program, 1924
Columbia Park Hospital and Training Center Correspondence, 1959-1969
Corrections Division Correspondence, 1963-1969
Dammasch State Hospital Correspondence, 1958-1969
Deaf School Correspondence, 1935-1968
Eastern Oregon State Hospital Correspondence, 1935-1969
Ex-Servicemen in State Employment Survey, 1938
Fairview Training Center Correspondence, 1936-1968
Flax and Lime Industries Records, 1933-1964
General Ledgers, 1913-1965
Governor's Recommended State Budgets, 1937-1947
Hillcrest School Correspondence, 1935-1969
MacLaren School Correspondence, 1935-1969
Maps, Plans, and Drawings-NP1P, 1851-1977
Mental Health Division Correspondence, 1941-1969
Mental Health Section Progress Reports, 1953-1962
Mental Health Supervisors Meeting Minutes, 1961-1969
Mental Health Training and Research Survey Committee Records, 1955-1956
Minutes, Board of Control, 1913-1969
Oregon State Correctional Institution Correspondence, 1957-1968
Oregon State Hospital Correspondence, 1930-1969
Penitentiary Cornerstone Box and Contents, 1854-1929
Penitentiary Correspondence, 1935-1969
Penitentiary Industry Correspondence, 1953-1963
Photographs, 1924-1968
Photographs and Drawings, Oversized, 1936-1967
State Building Construction Records, 1935-1969
State Building Specification Records, ca. 1908-ca. 1972
State Capitol Building Wing Facade Plaster Model, ca. 1936
State Capitol Construction Records, 1931-1969
State Capitol Reconstruction Commission Expenditure Ledger, 1937-1940
State Construction Planning Records, 1936-1975
State Institution Administrator Conference Transcript, 1920
State Institution Complaint Investigations Correspondence, 1949-1964
State Institution Correspondence, 1935-1969
State Institution Reports, 1935-1966
State Institution Research Reports, 1935-1969
Stock Certificates, B.G. Fulton Estate, 1926-1931
Tax Study Committee Report, 1950
Training School Advisory Committee Records, 1945-1966
Tuberculosis Hospitals Correspondence, 1931-1969
Tuberculosis Hospital Tour Film, 1957
United States Census Report: Waldport, Oregon, 1940

State Archives • 800 Summer St. NE • Salem, OR 97310