Department of Forestry Records Guide

Record Series Descriptions

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Agency Newsletters, 1947-1969
Air Operations Correspondence, 1940-1979
Aircraft Warning Service Records, 1942-1943
Area Forester's Correspondence, 1964-1984
Area Research Reports, 1969-1982
Area Safety Committee Records, 1978-1984
Biennial Reports, 1944, 1948-1950, 1954, 1962-1964
Board of Forestry Meeting Records, 1950, 1953-1970
Board of Forestry Resolutions, 1959-1966
Burn Pattern Project Records, 1968-1982
Civilian Conservation Corp Camp Lease Records, 1933-1947
Civilian Conservation Corp Work Project Records, 1933-1942, 1950
Complaint Investigation Records, 1933-1955
County Slash Status Plats, 1936-1971
Department Management Plans, 1963-1980
Deputy State Forester's Correspondence, 1950-1982
Deputy State Forester's Speech Transcripts, 1975-1982
District Annual Fire Plans, 1959-1961
District Annual Reports, 1914-1981
District Fire Protection Survey Reports, 1967-1971
District Fire Reports, 1960
District Fire School Plans, 1948-1962
District Fire Summary Reports, 1970, 1974
District Warden's Field Reports, 1933-1938
District Warden's Reports, 1960-1961
Endangered Species Resource Studies, 1976-1979
Ephemera, 1942-1964
Exhibit Materials, 1912-1968

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Federal Resource Planning Act Records, 1975-1979
Fire Fighting Instructions and Notebook, 1943-1968
Fire Protection Steering Committee Records, 1960-1962
Fire Report and Burning Permit Blank Forms, ca. 1937
Fire Summary Reports, 1936-1943, 1965-1993
Forest Defense Council Minutes, 1942-1945
Forest Fire Research Council Records, 1956-1961
Forest Lands Research Advisory Committee Minutes, 1957-1961
Forest Maps, 1914, 1941-1955
Forest Operation Summaries, 1937-1965
Forest Policy Project Records, 1974-1981
Forest Practices Act Violations Slides, 1982
Forest Practices Handbooks, 1918-1949
Forest Products Research Advisory Committee Minutes, 1941-1962
Forest Protection and Conservation Committee Minutes, 1953-1960
Forest Protection Association and District Maps, 1936-1970
Forest Protection Association Records, 1933-1984
Forest Regeneration Evaluation Committee Records, 1975-1979 
Forest Rehabilitation Program Records, 1949-1971
Forest Research Study Records, 1967-1970
Forest Resources Study Records, 1971-1977
Forest Type Maps, 1936-1937
Forest Type Township Maps and Overlays, 1961-1963
"Forestry Program for Oregon" Project Records, 1977-1978
Forestry Staff Selective Service Record Cards, 1943
Forestry Technical Reports, 1940-1984
4-H Club Land Use License Agreements, 1950-1971
Geographic Information Systems Research Project Records, 1978-1981
Governor's Timber Strategy Panel Hearing Records, 1981
Growing Stock Analysis System Reports, 1971-1978
Herbicide Spray Rules Hearing Records, 1978
Insect Control Project Reports, 1949-1963
Junior Forest Council Records, 1939

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Keep Oregon Green Association Records, 1941-1961, 1970
Klamath District Warden's Correspondence, 1960-1961
Klamath Indian Land Owner Index, ca. 1959
Klamath Indian Land Owner Tax Payment Record Cards, 1959
Klamath Indian Land Sale Records, 1904-1959
Klamath Indian Reservation Termination Records, 1953-1960
Kurth Bark Extraction Wax Process Patent Records, 1951-1959
Land Use Planning Accomplishment Reports, 1978-1979
Legal Case Records, 1945-1978
Legal Correspondence, 1940, 1955-1963
Log Export Records, 1963-1980
Log (Forest Products) Brand Registers, 1950-1991
Log Scaling and Grading Records, 1971-1980 
Motion Picture Films, 1938-1968
Natural Areas Preserves Advisory Committee Records, 1973-1980
Natural Resources Committee Records, 1950-1962
Observation Post Visibility Overlays, 1949-1963
Oregon Conservation Act Records, 1952-1972
"Oregon Forest Laws" and Amendments, 1937-1967
Oregon Forest Products Laboratory Records, 1941-1957
Oxbow Fire Case Records, 1966-1970
Pacific Northwest Regional Commission Correspondence, 1974-1981
Pacific Northwest Regional Commission Reports, 1974-1979
Pebble Springs Nuclear Power Plant Site Selection Records, 1974-1977
Pesticide Use Resource Studies, 1976-1979
Photographs, Miscellaneous, 1941-1983
Planting and Rehabilitation Project Records, 1949-1976
Policy/Procedures Manuals, 1942-1983
Publications, 1914-present

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Radio Communications Correspondence, 1939-1968
"Red Hat" Emergency Employment Program Records, 1941-1942
Reforestation Lands Classification Plats and Summaries, 1932-1973
Reforestation Lands Classification Records, 1937-1973
Reforestation Violation Ledger, 1942-1951
Regional Forest Practices Committee Records, 1971-1981
Remote Sensing Project Records, 1974-1978
Roadless Area Review Project Records, 1972-1985
Rural Fire District Survey Reports, 1963-1964
Rural Fire Interface Committee Records, 1979-1980
Safety Program Records, 1955-1968
Salem Headquarters Construction Records, 1938-1941
Simulating Intensively Managed Annual Cut Reports, 1972-1978
Smoke Managment Annual Reports, 1975-1993
State Forester's Building Open House Guestbook, 1939
State Forester's Committee Membership Records, 1934-1980
State Forester's Correspondence, 1933-1975
State Forester's Speech Transcripts, 1942-1959
Timber Cruising Journal, 1906-1928
Transient Relief Camp Records, 1933-1934
U.S. Forest Service Records, 1929-1983
Underproductive Forest Lands Project Records, 1975-1977
War Forest Fire Protection Program Records, 1941-1946
Western Forestry Conference Records, 1960-1971
Willamette Area Executive Staff Meeting Minutes, 1979-1984
Willamette Area Monthly Activity Reports, 1979-1981
Willamette Area Project Planning Records, 1969-1983
Willamette Area Safety Awards, 1965-1972
Woodland Owner Survey Records, 1989 
World War II Forest Defense Records, 1941-1946
Youth Rehabilitation Camp Records, 1962-1967

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