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Record Series Descriptions

Red Dot Motion Picture Films

Boxes 72-74
1.75 cubic feet
Arrangement: numerical by film number

Series provides visual documentation of events and forest-related activities. Series consists of black-and-white and color 16mm films; some also include a sound track. Topics covered by films include forest fire prevention, logging, milling, public relations, natural resources, Soil Bank Act, forest land productivity, Smokey Bear, helicopter use, forest management, fire retardant use, spruce budworm control, tree planting, fire line construction, and scenic views.

Numbered films:
1. "District Warden's" Training Film
2. At Forestry Department
3. At Forestry Department
4. New Oregon Trail
5. Roots of Wealth
6. Tree Bank
7. Once Upon a Tree
8. At Forestry Department
9. At Forestry Department
10. At Forestry Department
11. Timber Management Film
12. Kaman Hover Fill
13. At Forestry Department
14. Retardant Use
15. Retardant Tests

Unnumbered films:
a. Christmas Trees; n.d.; black and white.
b. Controlling the Spruce Budworm; 1950; black and white.
c. Helicopter and Retardant Operations; 1967; color.
d. Helicopter Training; 1968; color.
e. Progressive Methods of Line Construction; n.d.; color.
f. Tree-planting Scenes; 1961; color.

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