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St. Helens Creosote Mill

(Enlarge image) Tidelands abutting this Pope and Talbot creosote mill on Scappoose Bay caused a court case between the company and the State Land Board in the 1950s. Questions related to the legal boundary of the tidelands led to a sale of property from the State Land Board to the company in 1957. (Department of State Lands Records, State Lands Deed and Easement Jackets, Separated Photographs, Box 1, Folder 46)

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Alkali Lake, ca. 1974
Bluejoint Lake and car, 1937
Children near Madras, ca. 1950
Flooded road and trucks, 1938
Fort Rock area buildings, 1962
Gravel drag line near Corvallis, 1958
Lake Abert area, 1962
Natural area preserves worker, ca. 1978
Rangeland near Plush, 1977
Rim rock in Malheur County, 1973
Rockaway Swamp giant cedar, 1977
Rolling hills near Brogan, 1974
Rotary drill rig, ca. 1984
South Slough Estuary, ca. 1984
State Land Board at Tongue Point, 1980
Steens Mountain, n.d.
Steens Mountain cabin, 1979
St. Helens creosote mill, 1952
Tongue Point marine facility, ca. 1984
Tractor driven water pump, 1950
Tree felled by beavers, 1979
Uncontrolled use of spoils for fill, ca. 1968
Warner Valley,1937

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