Department of State Lands Records Guide

Record Series Description List

Assignment of Mortgages, 1899-1967
Attorney General Opinions, 1921-1964
Burbank Administrative Fund Records, 1903-1964
Clerks Correspondence, 1945-1969
Columbia River Ownership Maps, 1977-1979
Corvallis Sand and Gravel Court Case Records, 1963-1982
Deed and Easement Jackets, 1896-1969
Escheat Case Report, 1937-1940
General Ledgers, 1901-1980
In Lieu of Lands Clear Lists, 1859-1967
Land Exchange Records, 1914-1985
Mortgage Partial Release Certificates, 1920-1963
Mortgage Satisfaction Records, 1879-1967
Natural Area Preserves Advisory Committee Chairperson Correspondence, 1973-1979
Natural Area Preserves Advisory Committee Minutes, 1974-1975
Natural Heritage Advisory Council Program Records, 1973-1987
Natural Heritage Advisory Council Reports, 1975-1985
Overgrazed Land Donation Records, 1955-1963
Oversize Storage Records
Photographs and Audio Tapes
Publications, 1971-1984
Riparian Rights Advisory Committee Minutes, 1969-1972
Rural Credit Department Minutes, 1917-1942
Rural Credit Loan Fund Mortgage Satisfaction Records, 1917-1942
South Slough National Estuarine Sanctuary Construction Records, 1974-1987
South Slough National Estuarine Sanctuary Progress Reports, 1974-1981
South Slough Relocation Records, 1974-1981
State Land Board Executive Session Meeting Minutes, 1979-1989
State Land Board Minutes, 1878-1989
State Owned Land Inventory, 1961-1965
Swamp Land Donation Records, 1876-1934
World War Veterans State Aid Commission Blanket Release of Mortgages, 1938

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