Oregon Military Department Records Guide

Agency History - Introduction

The Oregon Military Department oversees the armed forces of the state of Oregon. Subject to the approval of the Governor, the agency prepares and puts into action rules and procedures governing the administration, organization, supply and training of the Oregon State Defense Force, the Oregon National Guard and Air National Guard. The Department maintains all state-owned and leased facilities including but not limited to armories, readiness centers, ranges, camps and training areas. The Oregon Military Department is responsible for ensuring the Oregon National Guard meets all requirements established by the National Guard Bureau. In addition, the department establishes awards and decorations.

The Oregon Military Department is responsible for organizing, equipping and locating National Guard Units to respond to local emergencies, including but not limited to natural disasters and civil unrest. As part of the National Guard, the Oregon National Guard is available to the federal government upon orders for activation issued by the President. Traditionally, the majority of a guard member’s time has been spent participating in community projects which can be accomplished as part of each unit’s training and readiness requirements to meet state and federal readiness standards. Since 9/11/2001 the National Guard has been increasingly engaged in operations in hostile, overseas locations.

The federal government provides approximately 97% of the available funding for the Oregon National Guard. However, a limited portion of these funds, approximately 9%, are included within the Department’s budget. Guard members’ salaries and wages are directly paid by the federal government and are not part of the OMD budget. Federal funds support 100% of troop training, DoD programs, base security and fire fighters and youth programs. Federal funds comprise 75% of logistical support for training sites and between 75% and 85% of the utility, maintenance and supply needs of the Air National Guard component.

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