Oregon Military Department Records Guide

Agency History - Current Organization

The Adjutant General serves as the administrative director of the Military Department and is the commander of the Oregon National Guard. By virtue of office the Governor is the peacetime commander-in-chief of the National Guard and the Commander-in-Chief of the Oregon State Defense Force.

The Adjutant General Installations acquires and maintains armories, training installations, logistics installations and office space for the Oregon Military Department and Oregon Army National Guard.

The Adjutant General Comptroller provides reliable and efficient accounting services, budget management, purchasing and contracting services and information management systems.

The Adjutant General Personnel is responsible for human resource management, payroll accounting and labor relations activities for state employees of the Oregon Military Department.

The Office of Emergency Management (OEM) coordinates and maintains a statewide emergency services system for emergency and disaster communication. OEM is divided into four sections: Technology and Response Services, Financial and Recovery Services, Plans and Training, and the Chemical Stockpile Emergency Preparedness Program (CSEPP). The Division awards grant funding to local governments, coordinates search and rescue efforts and the state 9-1-1 program, as well as the Oregon Emergency Response System. The Drought Council and Oregon Seismic Safety Advisory Commission also operate out of OEM. CSEPP is responsible for the storage and eventual destruction of the chemical munitions stored at the Umatilla Army Depot and also for preparing the surrounding communities for emergencies that may result from release of the munitions.

The Oregon State Defense Force is Oregon’s trained National Guard Reserve Force charged with maintaining a cadre to facilitate rapid expansion if called upon by the Adjutant Generals to replace the National Guard as a state force.

The Oregon Youth Challenge Program is an alternative residential public high school with cadets (students) living onsite for 5 • months followed by a 12 month mentor period upon their return to the community.

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