Oregon Military Department Records Guide

Agency History - Chronology and Bibliography


1843 Mounted Rifle Battalion authorized; not organized

1844 Formation of Oregon Rangers approved; not organized

1845 1st militia organized in response to Cayuse attack on Whitman Mission.

1854/55/56Series of statues reorganizing and expanding the militia. Assistance arrives from federal government.

1856 Governor established as ex-offico commander-in-chief

1862 Military Code adopted formerly giving Governors Office power over militia. Formation of Board of Military Advisors.

1870 Position of Adjutant General abolished; duties transferred to Secretary of State.

1887 Position of Adjutant General re-established.

1911 Naval Militia established
1961 Military Department established
2007 Oregon Emergency Management becomes part of OMD

Primary Oregon Statutes and Administrative Rule Chapters

ORS 396 – Militia Generally
ORS 398 – Military Justice
ORS 399 – Organized Militia


Oregon Laws, 1843- 2007
Oregon Military Department Legislatively Adopted Budget, 2005.
Internet Web Site, Oregon Military Department, http://www.oregon.gov/OMD/index.shtml

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