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Workers are encouraged to unite under the banner of the International Workers of the World in this 1933 pamphlet.

Workers are encouraged to unite under the banner of the International Workers of the World in this 1933 pamphlet. The Military Department monitored communist and radical socialist and labor groups in the 1930s. Portland was considered a hotbed of radicalism. Many of the images in this slide show are from the Communist Activity Intelligence Reports. They provide a fascinating glimpse into the social climate of the period. (Oregon Military Department Records, Communist Activity Intelligence Reports, Brochures, Pamphlets, Publications, 1932-1936, Box 57, Folder 5)

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The following sample images illustrate a portion of the wide range of Oregon Military Department activities and subjects:

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Anti-fascism meeting flyer, 1934
Anti-Governor Martin flyer, ca. 1935
Anti-President Hoover flyer, 1932
Anti-Prohibition booklet, 1932
Anti-U.S. Army booklet, 1934
"Ball of the Bourgeoisie" flyer, 1934
Brig. Gen. Raymond Olson, 1954
C-23 Sherpa cargo airplane, ca. 1991
Camp Clatsop, ca. 1945
Communications team, ca. 1977
F-102 jet airplane drawing, ca. 1978
Faithful service medal, n.d.
"Fascism Hill" cartoon, 1935
"Fugitive from Fascism" meeting flyer, 1935
Heavy equipment drawing, ca. 1978
International Women's Day flyer, 1935
La Grande street scene, 1955
Marching in Grants Pass parade, 1976
Mexican Border Service medal, 1916-1917
Mexican border recruitment card, ca. 1916
Military latrine advertisement, ca. 1915
National Guard truck, ca. 1955
Oregon National Guard Armory, 1991
Oregon Supreme Court protest card, 1935
Repeal anti-labor law button, 1935
Russian revolution celebration flyer, 1934
Ten year service medal, n.d.
Training, ca. 1991
Wage cut protest flyer, 1932
Young Communist League card, 1935

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