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Maps, Plans, and Drawings, Separated

89A-012 - Map Drawers 13-18
690 maps
Arrangement: Numerical by map number

Series visually documents planning, construction, repairs, and other activities related to Military Department installations throughout Oregon. Installations include camps, armories, offices, air bases, rifle ranges, maintenance shops, and others. A small number of records document other subjects. Record types include blueprints, blackprints, maps, surveys, aerial photos, drawings, and tracings.

Most of these oversize records were separated from two record series: Blueprints and Drawings and Building Contracts and Specifications. A smaller number of records were separated from other record series. The records are numbered from 1 to 690. The numbers correspond with separation sheets placed in the boxed records from which they were removed. Detailed information for each map, plan, or drawing, including description, dates, number of pages, and record type, is included in the inventory below.

Also see "Oregon Military History, Forts-Camps-Roads", 1805-1976 (JPEG, 880k). This large scale map was produced by the Oregon Military Department in 1976. It shows the locations of historic forts, camps, and military roads in Oregon and includes descriptions.

Map Inventory:

Maps 1-197
Maps 198-690

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