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Muster Roll Box List - Boxes 123-127

Box 123
1st Oregon Rifleman, 1847-1848

H.A.G. Lee, 1st Regt.
George W. Burnett's Co. (Co. H)
L. English's Co. (6th Co.)
William Martin's Co. (1st Co.)
William Pugh's Co.
J.W. Nesmith's Co. (Co. G)
William M. Shaw's Co. (9th Co.)

Independent Rifle Ranges, 1850

Regional Volunteer Units, 1852-1854

Ben Wright's Co.
Lindsay Applegate's Co.
Jacksonville Volunteer Infantry
Yreka Mounted Volunteers
Jacksonville Mounted Volunteers
John F. Muller's Co.
James W. Nesmith's Co.
Hamburg Mounted Volunteers
Crescent City Volunteers
Althouse Mounted Volunteers
Jacksonville Hospital inmates
Nathan Olney's Co.
Holstead Mounted Volunteers
Jesse Walker's Co.

1st Oregon Mounted Volunteers, 1855-1856

1st Brigade
Northern Battalion, Southern Division
Southern Battalion, Southern Division
Adjutant Genera's Office
Quartermaster's Office
Coast District
Commissary Department
Recruiting and Mustering Offices
Co. A, Northern Battalion
Co. D, Northern Battalion
Co. A, Southern Battalion
Sick, Wounded, Killed
Field Staff
Medical Department
Dalles Hospital
Recruiting Battery, Co.'s A-F
Companies A-I & K

Box 124
2nd Oregon Mounted Volunteers, 1855-1856

Field Staff
Quartermaster and Commissary, Southern Battalion
Surgeons and Assistant Surgeons
1st Recruiting Battery, Co.'s A-D
2nd Recruiting Battery, Co.'s A-D
Companies A-I & K

Regional Volunteer Units, 1855-1856

John Guess's Minutemen
James Barnes' Spy Co.
Thomas W. Prather's Spy Co.
Oregon Rangers, Co.'s A-C
Multnomah County Rangers
9th Oregon Militia
Coos Bay Minutemen
Coquille Guards
Gold Beach Guards
Port Orford Minutemen
Cascade Relief Minutemen
Multnomah County Volunteers
Polk County Volunteers
The Dalles Volunteers

2nd Washington Territory Volunteers, 1855-1856

Co.'s K & N


Box 125
1st Infantry Regiment, Oregon Volunteers, 1864-1868

Fort Dalles Recruitment Detachment
Field Staff and Band
Companies A-I & K

1st Cavalry Regiment, Oregon Volunteers, 1864-1868

Field Staff
Companies A & B

Box 126
1st Cavalry Regiment, Oregon Volunteers (cont.), 1864-1868

Companies C-G

Unassigned Units

1st Regiment, 1st Brigade

Co. A

1st Regiment, 2nd Brigade

Companies A & F
Portland Light Artillery

2nd Regiment, 2nd Brigade

Co. D

3rd Regiment, 2nd Brigade

Companies A-F

Portland Zouve Cadets
Fenian Guards
U.S. Troop Detachment
U.S. Cavalry Detachment
Brigade Band
Hospital Department, Fort Klamath
4th Infantry, California Volunteers
1st Infantry, Washington Territory Volunteers

1st Brigade, Oregon Mounted Volunteers, 1872-1873

Field Staff
Co. A

1st Regiment, Oregon mounted Volunteers, 1872-1873

Co. E
Portland Light Battery

1st Infantry Regiment, Oregon State Militia, 1873-1874

Regional Volunteers, 1877-1878

Washington Guards
Emmett Guard
Wasco Volunteers
Weston Volunteers
Wild Horse Rangers
Baker County Volunteers
Baker City Volunteers
Union County Volunteers
Umatilla Guards

Box 127
1st Artillery Regiment, 1884-1917

Battery A
Separate Battery B

218th Field Artillery, 1921-1931

Batteries A-D
Headquarters Battery

1st Coast Artillery Corps, 1908-1923

Field Staff
Medical Detachment
Recruiting Detail
1st-2nd Companies

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