Department of Corrections Records Guide

Agency History - Current Organization

Operationally, the Department of Corrections is organized into several branches with separate sections:

The Administration branch consists of the Director, Deputy Director, Central Administration Manager, Communications Manager, and Administrative Services Manager.

Planning and Budget
The Planning and Budget branch consists of four sections: Budget, Facilities, Research and Evaluation, and Fiscal Services.

Community Corrections
The sections under the Community Corrections branch are Community Programs, Field Automation, Support and Training, Interstate Compact, Jail Inspection Program, and Transitional Release Services.

The Inspections Branch is divided into five sections: Internal Affairs, Internal Audits, Inmate Disciplinary Hearings, Administrative Rules, and Drug Control.

Human Resources
The Human Resources branch consists of six sections: Personnel, Recruitment, Labor Relations, Payroll, Safety and Risk Management, and Staff Training and Development.

Information Systems
Three sections are in the Information Systems branch: Application Development and Maintenance, Operations and User Support, and Central Records.

Corrections Programs
The Corrections Programs branch consists of six sections: Health Services, Religious Services, Workforce Development, Education and Vocational Training, Prison Industries, and Measure 17 Field Operations.

The Institutions branch includes eight sections: Classification and Transfer, Bed Rental, Gang Management, Interstate Compact, Transportation, Fugitive Apprehension, Emergency Response, and Institution Based Records, in addition to the twelve correctional institutions.

The 1995-1997 recommended legislative budget for the Department of Corrections is $435,078,826.

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