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The Community Programs Unit is responsible for managing the Community Corrections field office programs, including authorizing payments for contracts and agreements. The unit oversees the work of the Training Advisory Council, Community Services Council, Sex Offender Network, Transitional Release Network, and Statewide Directors Group. The unit also is responsible for the Local Construction Selection Committee, Community Corrections Advisory Board, and the Intermediate Sanction for Women Offender Policy Group.

The Field Automation, Support and Training Unit is responsible for providing computer support and training to the Community Corrections field staff. The unit is also responsible for establishing and maintaining the security levels for accessing the Corrections Information System by Community Correction's personnel.

The Interstate Compact Office (ICO) administers the Department's activities relating to the Uniform Act for Out-of-State Supervision for offenders on parole or probation and provides signatory authority on the Interstate Agreement on Detainer.

The Jail Inspection Program performs three basic funtions: conducts regular inspections of local jails and juvenile detention facilities; helps to establish guidelines and standards for construction of detention facilities and procedures used at the facilities; ensures compliance with established guidelines and procedures.

The Transitional Release Services program coordinates the release of inmates from the State correctional institutions.

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