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The director of the Inspections Branch bears the title of Inspector General as well as Assistant Director, and operates as liaison with law enforcement agencies. The responsibility of this Branch is to perform an oversight function to periodically inspect and investigate operations to ensure compliance with rules and procedures. The Inspections Branch oversees an intelligence operation designed to learn, in a timely manner, of conditions and activities that act against the effective operation of the Department. The Inspections Branch is divided into five Divisions: Administrative Rules, Drug Control, Inmate Disciplinary Hearings, Internal Affairs, and Internal Audits.

The Administrative Rules Unit is responsible for the centralized coordination, development, and maintenance of the Department's administrative rules and agency-wide procedures.

The Drug Control Unit is responsible for investigating allegations of illegal drug usage, possession, trafficking, and other types of criminal activity by inmates, Department staff, and citizens for the purpose of preventing the introduction of illegal drugs and other contraband into secure state correctional institutions. They also manage the department's canine drug detection teams.

The Inmate Disciplinary Hearings Unit is responsible for the centralized processing, tracking, and monitoring of inmate disciplinary hearings held at correctional institutions state-wide. The unit processes disciplinary actions for inmate misconduct and coordinates with Department Hearings Officers who conduct hearings at correctional institutions.

The Internal Affairs Unit is responsible for investigating allegations of misconduct and wrongdoing against agency staff, citizens, and inmates, excluding illegal drug investigations which are conducted by the Drug Control Unit, resulting in personnel actions against staff, administrative actions against inmates, or criminal actions by the Oregon State Police against perpetrators (whether staff, inmates, or citizens).

The Internal Auditor completes performance and financial audits of agency-wide programs and contracts for the purpose of determining effectiveness, efficiency, and compliance to statutes, rules, policies, and procedures.

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