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The Budget Unit assists the agency in insuring that available resources are used effectively and efficiently to carry out its mission by providing information and assistance to agency staff, developing and tracking budgets, processing budget requests, and performing budget projections.

The Facilities Division is responsible for capital construction, capital improvement, and deferred maintenance projects for all department facilities and institutions within the state, ensuring that facilities comply with building codes and regulations.

The Research and Evaluation Unit provides statistical information to department management on offender populations, trends and projections. It also evaluates offender program performance (inmate and community supervision programs) for cost effectiveness, offender recidivism (relapse into criminal behavior), and inmate behavior.

Fiscal Services: 
The Automated Financial Accounting Manufacturing Inventory System (AFAMIS) Unit is responsible for development, maintenance, and support of AFAMIS, an integrated financial accounting system encompassing all fiscal functions within the department, excluding inmate central trust. Accounting, budget, purchasing, contracts, warehouse inventory, property control, inmate work accounting, and summary payroll information are processed on AFAMIS.

The Central Accounting Unit is responsible for centralized agency-wide financial accounting for the department, including accounts payable, accounts receivable, deposits - excluding inmate industries and inmate trust monies, general ledger transactions, and financial reports.

The Central Warehouse Unit in Salem is responsible for receiving, storage, and delivery of inventory items, including clothing, food, and office supplies, for the department's central offices and correctional institutions. Warehouses are also located at Eastern Oregon Correctional Institution in Pendleton and Snake River Correctional Institution in Ontario, providing service to those institutions and operating independently of Central Warehouse.

The Contract Unit provides centralized processing and tracking of agency-wide contracts and agreements, including personal service contracts, interagency and intergovernmental agreements, and interstate compacts.

The Inmate Work Accounting Unit is responsible for all accounting functions, including inmate compensation (payroll), related to the Inmate Industries and Work Program within the department. The work program includes a laundry service, furniture and garment manufacturing industries, computer generated mapping service, phone answering service, and farm operation (Mill Creek Correctional Facility).

The Property Control Unit provides centralized tracking and inventory control for controlled property agency-wide, including correctional institutions, tracks capital outlay purchases, including land and buildings, and tracks property disposal.

The Purchasing Unit provides centralized tracking and processing of all purchase requests agency-wide, including requests for correctional institutions and the Board of Parole and Post-Prison Supervision.

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