Department of Corrections Records Guide

Agency History - Chronology

Years: 1851-1994

1851 - Oregon State Penitentiary established in Portland.

1862 - Governor designated as superintendent of the State Penitentiary.

1864 - Laws adopted authorizing Governor to appoint superintendent of Penitentiary. Funds appropriated to purchase a site in Salem for ~SP and an insane asylum.

1866 - State Penitentiary relocated to Salem.

1883 - Stove factory using convict labor under contract.

1910 - Penitentiary making bricks for sale and to build state institutions.

1911 - State Parole Board established.

1913 - State Penitentiary placed under supervision of new State Board of Control.

1914 - Capital punishment abolished.

1915 - Flax mill established at Penitentiary.

1917 - State Lime Board established to oversee Lime Plant operation at asp.

1920 - Capital punishment reinstated by vote of the people.

1929 - Annex Farm facility established as the State Training School under asp.

1931- Lime Board abolished and responsibilities transferred to Agriculture Department.

1932 - First cell block built.

1937 - Law passed permitting Board of Control to employ prisoners on state-owned land.

1947 - Laws established for the parole of prisoners.

1948 - Cannery industry started at Penitentiary.

1951 - Minimum security prisoners employed in Tillamook Bum to fight fires and plant trees.

1953 - Manufacture and sale of prisoner's articles of handiwork allowed. Law established reduction of sentences for good behavior.

1955 - Flax plant operation discontinued. Oregon State Correctional Institution established.

1965 - Oregon Women's Correctional Center becomes operational. Corrections Division established under the Board of Control to operate ~SP and other penal and correctional institutions.

1969 - Board of Control abolished. Corrections Division responsibility moved to Governor's Office. Penitentiary Industries Advisory Committee established. A Special Management Unit opened to provide psychological services to inmates.

1971 - Corrections Division responsibility moved to Department of Human Resources.

1987 - Corrections Division became the Department of Corrections.

1991 - Intensive Management Unit opened to house maximum security prisoners.

1994 - Measure 17 mandated that state prison inmates work or receive on-the-job training 40 hours per week.

1997 - Measure 49 passes requiring inmates to work full-time.

1999 - Oregon Corrections Enterprises (OCE) created as a semi-independent agency to streamline the department's effort to put all inmates to work.

2001 - Two Rivers Correctional Institution completed (operating since 1999).

2002 - Coffee Creek Correctional Institution opened (operating since 2001).

2005 - Warner Creek Correctional Facility opened.

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