Department of Transportation Records Guide

Agency History - Legal and Bibliographic Information

Legal (Statutes and Administrative Rules)
ORS 184 Administrative Services and Transportation Departments
ORS 802 Administrative Provisions
ORS 814 Pedestrians, Passengers, Livestock, Motorcycles, Mopeds, Bicycles, Motorized Wheelchairs
ORS 823 Carrier Regulation Generally
ORS 824 Railroads
OAR 731 Department of Transportation
OAR 732 Department of Transportation, Public Transit Division
OAR 734 Department of Transportation, Transportation Operations
OAR 735 Department of Transportation, Driver and Motor Vehicle Services
OAR 737 Department of Transportation, Transportation Safety Section
OAR 740 Department of Transportation, Motor Carrier Transportation Branch
OAR 741 Department of Transportation, Rail Section
OAR 856 Department of Transportation, Board of Maritime Pilots

Bibliographic Information
A Chronological History of the Oregon Department of Transportation - 1899 to August 1993

Oregon Law Index to 1866, copyright 1937 - Stevens-Ness Publishing Co.

Oregon State Law, 1859 – 2003 Oregon Territorial Law, 1843-1858

Oregon Department of Transportation (http://www.odot.state.or.us/)

Oregon Blue Book (http://bluebook.state.or.us/)

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