Department of Transportation Records Guide

Agency History - Introduction

The mission of Oregon’s Department of Transportation (ODOT) is to provide a safe and efficient multi- modal transportation system supporting economic opportunity and livable communities within Oregon. ODOT was established in 1969 (ORS 184.615) to "bring together programs that meet the objectives of contributing to the growth and economy of the state by providing for the movement of persons and goods rapidly, safely, and economically; by protecting people and property through the effective administration of driver, motor vehicle, and aviation laws; and by meeting the recreational needs of Oregonian’s and touring visitors by providing recreational facilities."

ODOT develops and administers Oregon’s system of highways and their infrastructure; public transportation services; rail passenger and freight systems; bicycle and pedestrian paths and routes; ports and marine transportation; pipelines; transportation safety programs; driver and vehicle licensing and registration; and the enforcement of statutes, policies, and procedures relating to commercial motor carrier’s.

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