Department of Transportation Records Guide

Record Series Descriptions

Correspondence, General

33.25 cu.ft.
Arrangement: chronological

Series documents the activities of the State Highway Commission and the Highway Department. Subjects include the planning, design, building, and maintenance of highways and parks as well as interactions with other state agencies, local governments, states, the federal government, contractors, vendors, and the public.

General Correspondence, 1912-1933, 33 cu.ft.
Records include correspondence, memoranda, reports, plans, maps, receipts, telegrams, minutes, vendor literature, newspaper clippings, and related documents. Correspondence for the years 1912 through 1920 includes detailed records of department activities in each of Oregon's 36 counties. See the Correspondence, County record series for a continuation of this from 1920 through 1933. The records are arranged chronologically by year, thereunder by alpha-numeric code. See the index folder at the beginning of the records for each year for detailed access information.

Gen. Files, 1935-ca. 1943, .25 cu.ft.
Records include correspondence, minutes, memoranda, and reports that are inter-filed with publications.

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