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Capitol Reconstruction Commission Legal Records

.4 cu.ft.

Capitol Reconstruction, 1938-1939, .35 cu.ft.
Series documents actions by the Capitol Reconstruction Commission to acquire land to the north of the Capitol through the use of eminent domain for development of the Capitol Mall. The Commission was represented in legal actions by the Assistant Attorney General, J.M. Devers, whose primary responsibility was as chief counsel for the State Highway Commission. Records include correspondence, court documents, memoranda, plats, appraisals, newspaper clippings, and photographic negatives (see below).

Capitol Reconstruction Commission Photographic Negatives, 1938-1939, .05 cu.ft.
Records consist of twenty-one photographic negatives and one photographic print that apparently document homes proposed to be removed through eminent domain proceedings initiated by the Capitol Reconstruction Commission to make way for expansion of the capital mall north from the Capitol building. The records are stored with other photographs from the Capitol Reconstruction Commission (accession number 87A-029).

Note: more information about the commission may be found in the Capitol Reconstruction Commission records guide.

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