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Graphic Art Drawings, Hutchinson and Spooner

17 cu.ft.
Arrangement: n/a

[Original Hutchinson and Spooner Drawings], 1936-1958, 14 cu.ft.
Records document the products of two Highway Department graphic artists, Frank Hutchinson and Harold L. Spooner. The artists drew bridges, buildings, highway interchanges, and other features from 1936 through 1958. The drawings, which number over 100, vary in size but most range between 2 ft. by 4 ft. to 4 ft. by 6 ft. They are drawn on heavy matte board.

Also see separate inventory listing #3 (pdf).

Copies of Drawings by Hutchinson or Spooner, 1936-1958, 2.50 cu.ft.
Records apparently include photocopies of all drawings and include several photocopies of many drawings.

Hutchinson and Spooner Drawing Negatives, 1936-1958.
Records include negatives of all original drawings and also include some photographic prints.

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