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Maps, Miscellaneous

13 cu.ft., 1 microfilm
Arrangement: n/a

[Miscellaneous Maps], ca. 1910-ca.1930, ca. 10 cu.ft.
Records document maps covering a variety of topics. The maps were generated or collected by the State Highway Department. The largest portion of the records consists of maps documenting county roads. Other topics include state highways, sectional maps, national forests, highway improvement districts, bridges, and irrigation projects.

The records include a binder with flip card indexes to the maps. The specific cards documenting these maps are contained in the section entitled "State" and include brief descriptions of the maps. The maps are arranged numerically by assigned number corresponding with the index description. They are inter-filed and indexed with the maps described in the record series entitled Maps, Market Road.

Historic Maps #44, ca. 1846-1977, 1 reel of microfilm, Drawer 81, Microfilm
Alcove.Records document a variety of maps showing all or part of Oregon and generated by state, local, and private sources. Subjects include timber holdings, railroads, postal routes, bridges, individual counties and others. They are included on reel 12 (reel 44 on separate inventory listing). See also separate inventory listing #8.

Misc. Highway Maps, 1936-1952, 1 cu.ft.
Records document the following subjects: Portland public institutions in 1947; Malheur County transportation in 1936; Eugene; Salem in 1941 (13 maps); Clatsop County in 1952; and Medford.

[Miscellaneous Highway Maps and Plans], ca. 1923-1957, 2 cu.ft.
Records document a variety of subjects, including the following: accident analysis; city and vicinity; right-of-way; traffic control; highway design; and others.

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