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Record Series Descriptions

Maps, State-Wide Highway Planning Survey

17 cu.ft., 6 vols.
Arrangement: var.

State-Wide Highway Planning Survey, 1936-1939, 5 volumes.
Records document the efforts of the state Highway Department in cooperation with the United States Bureau of Public Roads to survey information about Oregon roads. The five oversized map atlases focus on traffic counts; traffic stations; postal routes; city street surfaces; and school bus routes. The maps are arranged generally alphabetically by county name.

Oregon Bus and Truck Routes, 1936-1939, 1 volume. 1/21/08/06. Records consist of one oversized map atlas from the survey described above. The maps are arranged generally alphabetically by county name.

Traffic Engineering, 1936-1939, 17 cu.ft.
Records include versions of the maps described above in the atlases. Versions include brown line and Van Dyke negative.

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