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ca. 1925-ca. 1984
1.9 cu.ft.
Arrangement: n/a

Gen. Files, ca. 1925-ca. 1943, 1.75 cu.ft.
Records include publications such as surveys, handbooks, reports and manuals, most of which were produced by the federal government, other states, and professional organizations. Subjects vary widely, but include traffic control, bus routes and drivers, planning studies, road bed and surface materials, trucking, and surveying. The publications are inter-filed with a small amount of correspondence.

Publications, 1949-1952, .15 cu.ft.
Most of these publications were not produced by the Highway Department but rather originate from the Public Utilities Commission and the Legislative Assembly. The records are located in box 6.

Historical Highway Projects, North Santiam Highway, 1977, .1 cu.ft.

Oregon Historic and Scenic Highway Program, n.d. .1 cu. ft.

Columbia River Highway Historic District, 1984, .1 cu. ft.

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