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Survey Leveling Records

3.25 cu.ft.
Arrangement: chronological

Correspondence with Field Notes by County, 1936-1949, 2.20 cu.ft.
Records include correspondence primarily between the Oregon Highway Department and the U.S. Department of Commerce, U.S. Coast and Geodetic Survey. The correspondence mostly concerns running survey level lines as well as the destruction of old survey bench marks and the setting of new bench marks. Bench marks are used to record the elevation of particular points. Records also include reports, computation sheets, and memoranda. Some field note books are also included. The records are arranged alphabetically by county name and are located in Boxes 1-3.

Correspondence by Line Number, 1939-1945, .20 cu.ft.
Records document adjustments to survey level lines that establish elevations. Records include correspondence, computation sheets, and maps. The records are arranged numerically by line number and are located in Box 1.

Data Sheets by U.S. Coast & Geodetic Survey, 1929-1949, .60 cu.ft.
Records document the elevation of points along survey level lines. The records are arranged numerically by line number and are located in Box 1.

General Correspondence re: Leveling..., 1924-1945, .15 cu.ft.
Records include correspondence, memoranda, maps, and one publication: "Leveling in Oregon." The records are arranged generally chronologically by date and are located in Box 1.

Other Leveling Correspondence, 1929-1944, .10 cu.ft.
Records includes correspondence with other states, descriptions of magnetic stations, circular letters, and highway mileage work papers and are located in Box 3.

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