Oregon State Planning Board Records Guide

Appendix - General Documents

Note: The Portable Document Format (PDF) resources listed below are accessible using Adobe Acrobat Reader software that can be downloaded for free.

Additional Rain Gaging Stations Recommended (Map), 1936
Aerial Photograph Record Tabulation (Index table-3 pages), 1937
County Planning Commissions (Map), 1936
Established Meteorological Stations (Map), 1936
Extent and Duration of Frost Free Seasons (Map), 1936
Index Map Showing Aerial Surveys, 1936
Oregon Topographic Relief Map, 1936
Population Density 1930 (Map), 1936
Population Distribution 1930 (Map), 1936
Precipitation Zones (Map), 1936
Revested O & C and Coos Bay Wagon Road Grant Lands (Map), 1936
Sewage Treatment in Oregon (Table-3 pages), 1936
Sewage Treatment Plants in Relation to the Urban Population of Oregon (Graph), 1936
Snow Surveys Stations (Map), 1936
Temperature Zones (Map), 1936
Topographic Mapping and Status of Program (Map), 1936

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