Oregon State Planning Board Records Guide

Appendix - Willamette Valley Project Documents

Note: The Portable Document Format (PDF) resources listed below are accessible using Adobe Acrobat Reader software that can be downloaded for free.

Agricultural and Timber Lands (Map), 1936
Agricultural Land Adaptability (Map), 1936
Climate (Map), 1936
Drainage Districts and Areas (Table),1936
Drainage Districts Existing and Proposed (Map), 1936
Electric Power (Maps), 1936
Farm Types Group 1 (Maps), 1936
Farm Types Group 2 (Maps), 1936
Forest Products Industries (Map), 1936
Gainfully Employed Persons (Graphs), 1936
General Topography (Map), 1936
Hydrographs (Graph), 1936
Industries Processing Farm Products (Maps), 1936
Irrigable Lands and Potential Reservoirs (Map), 1936
Land in Farms (Graph), 1936
Major Soils Groups (Map), 1936
Major Soil Types Key (Table), 1936
Mining and Mineral Industries (Map), 1936
Outline of Region and Drainage Basin (Map), 1936
Ownership and Proposed Operation of Forest Lands (Maps), 1936
Percent Graphs, Various Topics (Graphs), 1936
Population Distribution and Density in 1930 (Map), 1936
Population Increase, 1890-1930 (Graph), 1936
Population Trends, 1890-1950 (Graphs), 1936
Transportation (Map), 1936

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