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Columbia River fishing

(Enlarge image) Fishing on a sandbar in the Columbia River. The horses were used to draw in the fishing nets that were cast into the river by fishermen in boats. (Oregon State Planning Board Records, Pacific Northwest Regional Planning Commission Records, Columbia River Fisheries Committee Records, separated photograph from box 20, folder 10, OPB0016)

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The following sample images illustrate a portion of the wide range of Oregon State Planning Board activities and subjects:

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Alabama State Capitol, ca. 1935
Bandon general plan drawing, 1937
Eastern Oregon rangeland, ca. 1935
Fishing on Columbia River, ca. 1937
Flood damaged bridge, 1932
Flooding near La Grande, 1932
Flooding near Perry, 1932
Forest road in logged area, ca. 1938
Forest road in unlogged area, ca. 1938
Gill net fishing, ca. 1937
Grazing season map, 1936
Land classification building example, n.d.
Oregon Capitol proposed design, ca. 1935
Publicity exhibit, ca. 1938
Stockwater excavation, ca. 1935

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