Oregon State Planning Board Records Guide

La Grande 1894 flood

(Enlarge image) Flood waters from the Grande Ronde River flow down Jefferson Street in La Grande on April 1, 1894. The water breaks through a wooden barricade in the foreground. The Oregon State Planning Board promoted flood control efforts in Oregon to reduce scenes such as this. (Oregon State Planning Board Records, Oregon State Planning Board Photograph Box, Grande Ronde Flood Photographs, OPB0002)

Scope and Content Note

The records of the Oregon State Planning Board and related agencies consist of meeting minutes, correspondence, maps, tables, graphs, charts, reports, surveys, inventories, blueprints, black and white photographs, photographic negatives, publications, fists, legislation, bulletins, programs, applications, circulars, press releases, proposals, outlines, notes, and drafts.

While this accession is referred to as the Oregon State Planning Board Records, the documents describe the activities of many related entities. Included are the Reconstruction Advisory Board, which operated from 1933 to 1935, and the Oregon State Planning Council, an unofficial advisory body, which functioned from 1934 to early 1935.

Other related agencies include the Works Projects Administration, the National Resources Committee, and the Pacific Northwest Planning Commission. Records of county and city planning boards, as well as those of other states, are also included.

The records document the work of the Oregon State Planning Board to conduct research and make recommendations on a broad spectrum of issues. The topics varied from resource preservation and development to public welfare issues. While providing a huge source of research material in the form of maps, tables, and reports the Oregon State Planning Board efforts also created hundreds of jobs during the heart of the Great Depression.

The records of the Oregon State Planning Board were originally accessioned into the Oregon State Archives under accession numbers 81A-37, 79A-29, 63A-93, 65A-8, 70A-20, 70A-69, 70A-29, 57-22, and Inv. B-1, C-1, C-2, and C-3.

Currently, the records of the Oregon State Planning Board consist of approximately 25 cubic feet. Most of the record group is now identified by accession number 89A-24.

Note: Most of the records refer to the period of 1934 to 1939, however some research data, maps, or other material date to 1860. Record series date spans reflect these broader periods.

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