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536. Water Resources Administration 
537. Appropriation of Water Generally 
538. Withdrawal of Certain Waters from Appropriation; Special Municipal and County Water Rights 
539. Determination of Water Rights Initiated before February 24, 1909; Determination of Water Rights of Federally Recognized Indian Tribes 
540. Distribution of Water; Watermasters; Change in Use, Transfer or Forfeiture of Water Rights 
541. Watershed Enhancement and Protection; Water Development Projects; Miscellaneous Provisions on Water Rights 
542. Water Resource Surveys and Projects; Compacts 
543. Hydroelectric Projects 
543A. Reauthorizing and Decommissioning Hydroelectric Projects 
545. Irrigation Districts 
547. Drainage Districts 
548. Provisions Applicable Both to Drainage Districts and to Irrigation Districts 
549. Drainage and Flood Control Generally 
551. Diking Districts 
552. Water Improvement Districts 
553. Water Control Districts 
554. Corporations for Irrigation, Drainage, Water Supply or Flood Control 
555. Reclamation Projects 
558. Weather Modification

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