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1956-1988 (92A-006)

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Series documents reports published by the State Engineer, Water Policy Review Board, and Water Resources Department. Series includes biennial reports, drainage basin reports, ground water reports, long-range water requirements for Oregon, watershed reports, and water laws of Oregon. Topics covered by these records include water resource management, irrigation and drainage, water laws, and watershed management.


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Red Dot Publications List (92A-006):
Biennial Report, State Engineer, 1972-1974
Biennial Reports, Water Resources Dept., 1979-1986
Brochures and Pamphlets, 1975-1988
Drainage Basin Reports

Grande Ronde Basin, 1960
Hood Basin, 1965
John Day Basin, 1984, 1986
Lower Willamette River Basin, 1965
Malheur Lake Basin, 1967
Malheur-Owyhee Basins, 1969
Mid-Coast Basin, 1965
North Coast Basin, 1961
Rogue River Basin, 1959, 1985
Snake River Study, 1958
Umpqua River Basin, 1958

Flood Plain Management for Oregon Cities and Counties, 1971
Ground Water Reports

No. 2, Molalla-Salem Slope Area, Northern Willamette Valley, 1963
No. 6, Baker Valley, Baker County, 1965
No. 7, Eola-Amity Hills Area, Northern Willamette Valley, 1965
No. 8, Champoeg Park Demonstration Well, 1966
No. 9, Ground Water Levels, 1965
No. 10, Hood River Valley and Cascade Locks Area, Hood River County, 1966
No. 13, Lower Santiam River Basin, Middle Willamette Valley, 1968
No. 14, Eugene-Springfield Area, Southern Willamette Valley, 1970
No. 16, Harney Valley, Harney County, 1970
No. 18, Ground Water Levels, 1968-1972
No. 19, Monitoring Wells, 1974
No. 21, Klamath Basin, 1974
No. 22, Harrisburg-Halsey Area, Central Willamette Valley, 1975
No. 28, Dallas-Monmouth Area, Polk, Benton, and Marion Counties, 1983
No. 29, Northern Part of Clackamas County, 1983
No. 30, Butter Creek Area, Morrow and Umatilla County, 1984
No. 31, Fort Rock Basin, Northern Lake County, 1986
No. 33, Mosier, 1988

Lakes of Oregon

Volume 4, Clackamas County, 1976
Volume 5, Marion County, 1977
Volume 6, Douglas County, 1979

Oregon Coast, The: Water and Related Land Resources, 1978
Oregon's Long-Range Requirements for Water, 1969

1. Summary Report
2. Report
3-15. Irrigable Areas
Appendix I, 1, 17, 18, North, Mid, South Coast Basin
Appendix I-4, Hood Basin
Appendix I-5, Deschutes Basin
Appendix I-6, John Day Basin
Appendix I-7, Umatilla Basin
Appendix I-8, Grande Ronde Basin
Appendix I-9, Powder Basin
Appendix I-10, Malheur River Basin
Appendix I-11, Owyhee Basin
Appendix I-12, Malheur Lake Basin
Appendix I-13, Goose and Summer Lakes Basin
Appendix I-15, Rogue Basin
Appendix I-16, Umpqua Basin
16. Major Water Using Industries and Population Projections
17. Water Quality Control Projections

Pacific Northwest Regional Commission, Report on Oregon's Drought and Conservation Activities, 1979
Pacific Northwest River Basins Commission, Annual Report, 1967-1977
Water Features in Oregon: An Index to Streams, Lakes, and Other Water Features, Volume I, Western Oregon, 1974
Water Laws of Oregon, 7 volumes, 1963, 1966, 1978, 1980, 1984, 1986, 1988
Water Quality Minimum Flows, 1978
Water Requirements, 1965
Water Resources of Oregon, 1925-1930, Bulletin No. 8
Water Resources of Oregon, 1937-1941, Bulletin No. 10
Water Resources Planning and Development in Oregon: An Agency Survey, 1967
Watershed Reports

Berry Creek Damsite, Douglas County, 1977
Balm Creek Reservoir, Big Creek Watershed, Baker and Union Counties, 1970
Fifteenmile Creek, 1975
Lake County, Thomas-Cottonwood Creek, 1976
Little Luckiamute River, 1974
Red Prairie Irrigation District, Polk and Yamhill Counties, 1976

Western Umatilla and Northeastern Morrow Counties, 1975
Water Users' Organizations, 1987
Water Utilities, 1988
Water Works (agency newsletter), 1976-1980
Well Construction and Maintenance, 1986
Western States Water Requirements for Energy Development to 1990, 1974


Red Dot Publications List (2001A-022)

1958-1991 (2001A-022)
1 cubic foot
Arrangement: None

Annual Report, 1979-1980; 1981-1982
Biennial Report, 1964-1966; 1966-1986; 1968-1970; 1970-1972; 1972-1974; 1974-1976; 1983-1984, 1985-1986
Deschutes River Basin [Report], 1961
Goose and Summer Lakes Basin Preliminary Draft [Report], 1963
Grande Ronde River Basin [Report], 1960
Hood Basin [Report], 1965
John Day River Basin [Report], 1962
Lower Willamette River Basin [Report], 1965
Malheur Lake Basin [Report], 1967
Malheur-Owyhee Basins [Report], 1969
North Coast Basin [Report], 1961
Oregon's Long-range Requirements for Water, Appendix VII, 1969
Oregon's Long-range Requirements for Water, Summary Report, 1969
Powder River Basin [Report], 1967
Rogue River Basin Study, 1985
Snake River Study Interim Report No. 1, 1958
South Coast Basin [Report], 1963
Stream Restoration Program for the Middle Fork Subbasin of the John Day River, 1991
Umatilla River Basin [Report], 1963
Umpqua River Basin [Report], 1958
Water Availability for Oregon's Rivers and Streams: Volume 1, Overview, 1991
Water Availability for Oregon's Rivers and Streams: Volume 2, Technical Guide and Appendixes, 1991

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