Oregon Bulletin

February 1, 2011


Oregon Business Development Department,
Oregon Arts Commission
Chapter 190

Rule Caption: These rules are being renumbered to become a part of Chapter 123.

Adm. Order No.: OAC 1-2011

Filed with Sec. of State: 1-3-2011

Certified to be Effective: 1-3-11

Notice Publication Date: 12-1-2010

Rules Repealed: 190-010-0000, 190-010-0005, 190-010-0010, 190-010-0015, 190-010-0020, 190-010-0025, 190-010-0030, 190-010-0040

Subject: This division of rules is being renumbered to be included in Chapter 123 for the Oregon Business Development Department. The rules relating to the Arts Commission themselves are being repealed. Procedures for grants have been revised and a definitions section has been added.

Rules Coordinator: Mindee Sublette—(503) 986-0036

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