March 1, 2012

Table of Contents

Information and Publication Schedule

Executive Orders

Other Notices

Notices of Proposed Rulemaking Hearings/Notices

The citations and statements required by ORS 183.335(2)(b)(A) - (D) have been filed with and are available from the Secretary of State.

  • Chapter 811, Board of Chiropractic Examiners

    Chapter 337, Board of Medical Imaging

    Chapter 855, Board of Pharmacy

    Chapter 858, Board of Psychologist Examiners

    Chapter 603, Department of Agriculture

    Chapter 668, Department of Agriculture, Oregon Strawberry Commission

    Chapter 836, Department of Consumer and Business Services, Insurance Division

    Chapter 345, Department of Energy, Energy Facility Siting Council

    Chapter 340, Department of Environmental Quality

    Chapter 635, Department of Fish and Wildlife

    Chapter 411, Department of Human Services, Seniors and People with Disabilities Division

    Chapter 259, Department of Public Safety Standards and Training

    Chapter 740, Department of Transportation, Motor Carrier Transportation Division

    Chapter 830, Mortuary and Cemetery Board

    Chapter 123, Oregon Business Development Department

    Chapter 410, Oregon Health Authority, Division of Medical Assistance Programs

    Chapter 111, Oregon Health Authority, Oregon Educators Benefit Board

    Chapter 332, Oregon Health Licensing Agency, Board of Direct Entry Midwifery

    Chapter 813, Oregon Housing and Community Services Department

    Chapter 847, Oregon Medical Board

    Chapter 325, Oregon Patient Safety Commission

    Chapter 459, Oregon Public Employees Retirement System

    Chapter 250, Oregon State Marine Board

    Chapter 575, Oregon Student Assistance Commission

    Chapter 583, Oregon Student Assistance Commission, Office of Degree Authorization

    Chapter 416, Oregon Youth Authority

    Chapter 736, Parks and Recreation Department

    Chapter 859, Psychiatric Security Review Board

    Chapter 584, Teacher Standards and Practices Commission


    Administrative Rules

The citations and statements required by ORS 183.335(2)(b)(A) - (D) have been filed with and are available from the Secretary of State.

1.) This online version of the OREGON BULLETIN is provided for convenience of reference and enhanced access. The official, record copy of this publication is contained in the original Administrative Orders and Rulemaking Notices filed with the Secretary of State, Archives Division. Discrepancies, if any, are satisfied in favor of the original versions. Use the OAR Revision Cumulative Index found in the Oregon Bulletin to access a numerical list of rulemaking actions after November 15, 2011.

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