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April 1, 2013

Psychiatric Security Review Board, Chapter 859

Rule Caption: PSRB Conditional Release of Clients with a Department of Corrections Detainer

Adm. Order No.: PSRB 1-2013(Temp)

Filed with Sec. of State: 2-22-2013

Certified to be Effective: 3-1-13 thru 8-26-13

Notice Publication Date:

Rules Amended: 859-070-0010, 859-070-0015

Subject: ORS 161.346(1)(b) directs the PSRB to conditionally release clients who can be adequately treated and controlled in the community. Some PSRB clients who are committed to the state hospital who are appropriate for conditional release to a community mental health agency also have a Department of Corrections (DOC) detainer. The DOC detainer prevents the Board from conditionally releasing those clients into the community under the supervision of a county mental health program until their DOC sentence is served. Consequently, the Board’s practice has been to conditionally release these clients to DOC after conducting a hearing and determining they can be adequately treated and controlled at DOC. Additionally, there are instances when a PSRB client commits a new crime which results in a conviction with a DOC sentence. Some courts immediately transport these individuals directly from court to Department of Corrections although technically still committed to the state hospital.

Rules Coordinator: Mary Claire Buckley—(503) 229-5596


Board Order of Conditional Release

In determining whether an order of conditional release is appropriate, the Board shall have as its goals the protection of the public, the best interests of justice, and the welfare of the individual. The Board may consider the testimony and exhibits at the hearing regarding the patient’s behavior in the hospital including the patient’s progress, insight and responsibility taken for the patient’s own behavior:

(1) If the Board finds the person may be controlled in the community and a verified conditional release plan is approved by the Board, the Board may order the person placed on conditional release. If a person has a DOC detainer, the Board may order conditional release to that agency if the Board finds that the patient no longer needs a hospital level of care and that the patient could be adequately controlled and treated and the supervision and treatment necessary are available in that DOC setting.

(2) If the Board finds the person could be controlled in the community or DOC but no conditional release plan has been approved by the Board, the Board may order the person committed but find the person appropriate for conditional release pending submission of a conditional release plan signed by either a mental health community provider or DOC. The Board may specify what conditions the plan should include and may approve the conditional release plan submitted by the staff of the hospital, by the patient or someone on the patient’s behalf at an administrative hearing.

(3) If a verified conditional release plan has not been approved and the conditions need further examination and approval of the Board, the Board may commit the patient, find the patient appropriate for conditional release or continue the hearing.

Stat. Auth.: ORS 161.387
Stats. Implemented: ORS 161.336
Hist.: PSRB 1-1985, f. 1-3-85, ef. 1-15-85; PSRB 1-1995, f. & cert. ef. 1-11-95; PSRB 1-2013(Temp), f. 2-22-13, cert. ef. 3-1-13 thru 8-26-13


Elements of Conditional Release Order

The Board shall consider any or all of the following elements of a conditional release plan and determine which are appropriate and necessary to insure the safety of the public:

(1) Housing: Housing must be available for the patient. The Board may require 24-hour supervised housing, a supervised group home, foster care, housing with relatives or independent housing.

(2) Mental health treatment: Mental health treatment must be available in the community or at DOC. The Board-approved provider of the treatment must have had an opportunity to evaluate the patient and the proposed conditional release plan and to be heard before the Board. The Board shall not require an evaluation be performed by DOC staff prior to consideration of conditional release due to the nature of that state agency, its security and its resources for the provision of mental health services. The provider must have agreed to provide the necessary mental health treatment to the patient. The treatment may include: individual counseling, group counseling, home visits, prescription of medication or any other treatment recommended by the provider(s) and approved by the Board.

(3) Reporting responsibility: An individual must be available to be designated by the Board as having primary reporting responsibility and must have agreed to:

(a) Notify the Board in writing of the patient’s progress at least once a month unless the patient is housed at DOC in which case progress reports will be submitted upon request of the Board;

(b) Notify the Board promptly of any grounds for revocation under OAR 859-080-0010;

(c) Notify the Board promptly of any significant changes in the implementation of the conditional release plan;

(d) Coordinate and monitor all elements of the conditional release plan.

(4) Special conditions: Special conditions may be imposed, including, but not limited to, the following: no consumption of alcohol, taking of antabuse, observation by designated individual of each ingestion of medication, submitting to drug screen tests, no driving, vocational activities, day treatment, attending school, working, or sex offender assessment and treatment.

(5) Parole and probation: Parole and probation supervision may be ordered.

(6) Agreement to conditional release: Patients shall agree to and sign a form promising to comply with the general conditions of release. This signed form shall be made a part of the conditional release plan. The conditions shall include notice that if the person leaves the state without authorization of the Board, the person may be charged with a new crime of escape. This subsection does not apply to a patient who is conditionally released to DOC.

Stat. Auth.: ORS 161.387
Stats. Implemented: ORS 161.336
Hist.: PSRB 1-1985, f. 1-3-85, ef. 1-15-85; PSRB 1-1995, f. & cert. ef. 1-11-95; PSRB 1-2013(Temp), f. 2-22-13, cert. ef. 3-1-13 thru 8-26-13

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