Oregon Bulletin

May 1, 2014

Oregon Liquor Control Commission, Chapter 845

Rule Caption: Delegates authority to approve redemption centers to the Commission’s Executive Director (Administrator).

Adm. Order No.: OLCC 3-2014

Filed with Sec. of State: 3-31-2014

Certified to be Effective: 5-1-14

Notice Publication Date: 1-1-2014

Rules Amended: 845-020-0020

Subject: This rule describes the criteria for approving redemption centers for the return of empty beverage containers. The adopted amendments delegate the authority to approve redemption centers from the Commissioners to the Executive Director (the Administrator).

Rules Coordinator: Annabelle Henry—(503) 872-5004


Redemption Centers

(1) The Commission shall approve a redemption center if it finds the redemption center will provide a convenient service to consumers for the return of empty beverage containers. The Commissioners delegate to the Administrator the authority to grant or deny redemption center applications in accordance with this rule.

(2) The Commission considers factors such as the following in determining whether or not a redemption center provides a convenient service to consumers for the return of empty beverage containers:

(a) Location of the redemption center;

(b) Kinds of beverage containers accepted at the redemption center;

(c) Dealers to be served by the redemption center and their distance from the redemption center;

(d) Days and hours of operation of the redemption center;

(e) Parking facilities serving the redemption center;

(f) Evidence showing that the redemption center meets all applicable local ordinances and zoning requirements;

(g) The cap, if any, on the number of beverage containers per person per day that the redemption center will accept;

(h) Payment method(s) accepted by the redemption center for redeemed beverage containers;

(i) The projected volume of beverage container returns at the redemption center as compared to the actual returns at the dealers to be served by the redemption center;

(j) A description of how consumers will be notified of the redemption center’s location, services, and service hours.

Stat. Auth.: ORS 459A.735(1), (3) & (4)

Stats. Implemented: ORS 459A.735

Hist.: LCC 39, f. 7-17-72, ef. 7-8-72; Renumbered from 845-010-0615; OLCC 2-2010, f. 2-22-10, cert. ef. 3-1-10; OLCC 3-2014, f. 3-31-14, cert. ef. 5-1-14

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