Oregon Bulletin

July 1, 2012

Oregon Department of Aviation, Chapter 738

Rule Caption: Wado Lake access and the use of seaplanes with certain restrictions.

Adm. Order No.: AVIA 2-2012(Temp)

Filed with Sec. of State: 6-11-2012

Certified to be Effective: 6-11-12 thru 12-7-12

Notice Publication Date:

Rules Adopted: 738-040-0035

Subject: Temporary rule amends Oregon Administrative Rule 738-040 by including new paragraph 738-040-0035 to allow for the use of seaplanes at Waldo Lake to empirically document usage and impose certain restrictions.

Rules Coordinator: Cindy M. Pease—(503) 378-4881


Waldo Lake Access and the Use of Seaplanes with Certain Restrictions

(1) Seaplane pilots shall not use Waldo Lake for pilot training. Waldo Lake may only be used as a destination lake for the purpose of recreation. Seaplanes may only be used as the mode of transportation to and from the lake.

(2) Seaplanes shall be limited in their hours of operation to access Waldo Lake between the hours of 8am or 30 minutes after sunrise which?ever is later and 8pm or 30 minutes prior to sunset whichever is earlier for arrivals and departures.

(3) Seaplane operations on Waldo Lake shall be limited to the eastern half of the lake at a location where seaplanes can operate safely. Pilots will be responsible for operating in a safe manner so as to not endanger any persons or watercraft using the lake.

(4) Seaplane pilots shall screen their aircraft for invasive species prior to landing at Waldo Lake. Any invasive species discovered shall be removed prior to arrival at Waldo Lake.

(5) Pilots shall use best noise abatement procedures consistent with safe operating procedures.

(6) Pilots are required to notify the Department of Aviation, using an FAA flight plan form within 48 hours of departure from Waldo Lake to empirically document usage. The Department shall keep track of seaplane operations to quantify the scope of usage. The Flight Plan report shall include:

(a) Point of contact including phone number.

(b) Time of Arrival.

(c) Time of Departure.

Stat. Auth.: ORS 183.335, 835.035, 835.200, 835.205
Stats. Implemented: ORS 183 & 830
Hist.: AVIA 2-2012(Temp), f. & cert. ef. 6-11-12 thru 12-7-12


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