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August 1, 2013

Oregon Health Licensing Agency, Board of Direct Entry Midwifery, Chapter 332

Rule Caption: Align continuing education requirements with law regarding additional hours as a requirement for renewal.

Adm. Order No.: DEM 1-2013(Temp)

Filed with Sec. of State: 7-10-2013

Certified to be Effective: 7-12-13 thru 1-8-14

Notice Publication Date:

Rules Amended: 332-020-0010

Subject: Amend continuing education rule to align with the intent and scope of the law. Require that at the time of renewal a licensed direct entry midwife (LDM) provide the number of births performed during the previous renewal cycle. If that number is fewer than five, then the LDM would be required to attest to 10 additional continuing education hours during the next renewal cycle. See example below:

   LDM becomes inactive on July 31, 2013 on the renewal the LDM shows that during the previous renewal cycle July 2012 through July 2013 only three births were performed. When the LDM renews the license which becomes inactive on July 31, 2014 they will be required to attest to an additional 10 hours of continuing education.

   A letter will be mailed by the agency to the LDM notifying them they will be required to attest to the 10 additional hours of continuing education.

Rules Coordinator: Samantha Patnode—(503) 373-1917


Continuing Education

(1)(a) HOURLY REQUIREMENTS: To qualify for license renewal an LDM must complete approved continuing education requirements as follows:

(b) Two years from the date of initial licensure and every two years thereafter:

(A) Thirty clock hours relevant to women’s health, neonatal, fetal or midwifery knowledge or care, ethics, communication, or professional development.

(B) Eight and a half clock hours pertaining to legend drugs and devices that include the components listed under OAR 332-015-0070 with the exception of neonatal resuscitation under 332-015-0070(e), which is required annually upon renewal. The eight and a half hours pertaining to legend drugs and devices must be taught by a MEAC accredited or pre-accredited school, the Oregon Midwifery Council or by an organization authorized by the board.

(i) One hour in pharmacology;

(ii) One half hour in administration of medications through injection;

(iii) One hour in advanced treatment of shock;

(iv) Three hours in intravenous therapy; and

(v) Three hours in suturing.

(2) CONTINUING EDUCATION PROVIDERS/SPONSORS: Continuing education includes attendance or participation at an instructional program presented, recognized, or under the auspices of any board approved institution or professional organization or association:.


(a) Attendance at lectures, post-secondary school or postgraduate courses, scientific sessions at conventions, courses offered by an agency or board approved association or licensed/accredited school, classes or courses offered through an institution such as the American Red Cross, hospitals, health care clinics, correspondence courses or internet courses.

(b) Continuing education relating to subject matter listed in subsection (1)(a)(A) of this rule may also be obtained through research or teaching (provided that no more than half the required hours be in teaching).

(c) Up to nine clock hours of continuing education relating to subject matter listed in subsection (1)(a)(A) of this rule may be completed through self-study and documented on forms provided by the agency.

(4) DOCUMENTATION REQUIREMENTS: Submission to the agency of proof of participation in continuing education is the responsibility of the LDM. The following provisions specify requirements for documenting completion of continuing education:

(a) Documentation must include the name of the sponsoring institution, association or organization, title of presentation, description of content, name of instructor or presenter, date, duration in hours, and license or statement of attendance or completion provided by the sponsor.

(b) Documentation verifying completion of all required continuing education must be accumulated and held by the LDM for two years following any reporting period, or until notification of audit is received. Continuing education documentation must be available and provided to the agency upon request. Refer to OAR 332-020-00105.

(5) ADDITIONAL REQUIREMENTS AND PROVISIONS: In addition to other requirements specified in this rule section, the following provisions apply toward meeting continuing education requirements as a condition of license renewal:

(a) In accordance with ORS 687.425 a licensee who has attended fewer than ten births in the previous year is required to take an additional ten hours of continuing education in subjects listed in subsection (1)(a)(A) of this rule during the next renewal cycle.

(b) Hours of continuing education that are obtained in excess of the minimum requirements listed in this rule will not be carried forward as credit for the subsequent license renewal reporting cycle.

(c) Continuing education is required for renewal even if the LDM license has been inactive, revoked or suspended during that period.

Stat. Auth.: ORS 676.615, 687.425 & 687.485

Stats. Implemented: ORS 676.615, 687.425 & 687.485

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