Oregon Bulletin

September 1, 2011


Department of Community Colleges and
Workforce Development
Chapter 589

Rule Caption: Oregon On-The-Job Training Program.

Adm. Order No.: DCCWD 2-2011(Temp)

Filed with Sec. of State: 7-29-2011

Certified to be Effective: 7-29-11 thru 1-25-12

Notice Publication Date:

Rules Adopted: 589-007-0800

Subject: Senate Bill 5508 (Section 31) , passed in the 2011 legislative session, directs the Department of Community Colleges and Workforce Development to fund and implement the Oregon On-The-Job training Program and to further fund the National Career Readiness Certificate (NCRC) Program These programs support the governor’s workforce agenda by providing solutions to workplace employee training, retention and advancement for Oregonians.

Rules Coordinator: Linda Hutchins—(503) 947-2456


Oregon On-the-Job Training (OJT) Program

(1) The purpose of the Oregon On-the-Job Training (OJT) Program is to support the Governor’s Workforce agenda by providing OJT and the National Career Readiness Certificate (NCRC) as solutions relating to employee hiring, training, and retention as defined by SB 5508.

(2) The Department of Community Colleges and Workforce Development (CCWD) determines the statewide implementation and operation of the OJT Program in Oregon.

(3) The OJT Program in Oregon shall involve at a minimum:

(a) Cost-effective solutions to the issues of employee hiring, training, and retention;

(b) Utilization of public and private resources;

(c) Certification of career readiness skills for participants as defined by the National Career Readiness Certificate;

(d) Employer provided job-specific training for Oregonians newly hired under this program;

(e) A process to identify appropriate companies and job seekers to participate in the programs;

(f) A process by which monies may be appropriated and allocated to the local

(g) Workforce investment boards to support projects identified by local workforce investment;

(h) A requirement that businesses participating in a project provide private sector funding equal to the amount of state funding provided for the project.

(4) Tracking and reporting to CCWD the outcomes of the Oregon On-the-Job Training Program in the local workforce investment area shall include, but are not limited to the:

(a) Number of businesses hiring program participants;

(b) Number of National Career Readiness Certificates earned by participants;

(c) Number of employees completing training;

(d) Number of employees retained after completing training;

(e) Value of the private sector funding provided.

Stat. Auth.: ORS 183, 660.300 - 660.364

Stats. Implemented:

Hist.: DCCWD 2-2011(Temp), f. & cert. ef. 7-29-11 thru 1-25-12

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