Oregon Bulletin

September 1, 2013

Board of Medical Imaging, Chapter 337

Rule Caption: Establish requirements for limited permit holders expired for 24 months to renew their permits

Adm. Order No.: BMI 2-2013

Filed with Sec. of State: 7-26-2013

Certified to be Effective: 1-1-14

Notice Publication Date: 6-1-2013

Rules Amended: 337-010-0026

Subject: Limited X-Ray Permit holders who have allowed their limited permits to be expired for 24 continuous months will be required to pass the limited examinations (CORE plus current anatomic areas) to renew their limited permits.

Rules Coordinator: Ed Conlow—(971) 673-0216


LXMO Permit Renewal

(1) LXMO permit holders must submit evidence of continuing education at the time they file an application for license renewal. An initial permanent LXMO permit that is prorated for a period of less than 24 months includes the requirement of an average of one hour of continuing education per month, depending on the number of anatomic areas in a limited permit.

(2) LXMO permit holders must obtain a minimum of continuing education hours according to the following schedule:

(a) One to three anatomic areas: 9 hours per year.

(b) Four or more anatomic areas: 12 hours per year.

(3) The Board may require LXMO permit holders to produce documents verifying continuing education activities for purposes of an audit by the Board. LXMO permit holders are required to retain verification documents for a period of two years following the renewal date. At any time during that two years the Board may require LXMO permit holders to produce those documents for purposes of an audit by the Board.

(4) Verification Documents for LXMO Renewal Applicants include:

(a) A completed OBMI worksheet, listing all continuing education activities performed during the immediately preceding licensing period.

(b) All renewal applicants are subject to audit of their Continuing Education hours by the Board.

(5) Acceptable Types of Continuing Education Activities:

(a) Any independent reading, video or audiocassette must include a pre-approved post-test to be acceptable for meeting OMBI’s continuing education requirements.

(b) Acceptable forms of continuing education activities for LXMO permit holders (no maximum) include, with one hour of credit for each hour spent in the activity:

(A) Attendance at meetings of professional organizations that are directly related to radiography (educational portions of the meetings only).

(B) Directed reading of professional and scientific journals and newsletters related to radiography, listening to or viewing video recordings related to radiography, all of which include a post-test.

(C) Symposia, workshops, lectures, refresher courses, correspondence courses, etc. pertaining to radiography.

(D) In-service education when related to radiography.

(E) A minimum of one hour of education in one permit area is required per year and 2 hours of either radiation use and safety or radiographic technique is required per year.

(6) LXMO permit renewal requirements following 24-month lapse:

(a) A LXMO permit holder whose permit is expired for a period in excess of 24 continuous months must pass the ARRT examination in any specific anatomic area which is on their most recent expired permit and which they wish to be reauthorized to practice in. All applicants under this paragraph, except bone densitometry applicants, must also pass the CORE examination.

(b) The application process and fee structure under this paragraph is the same as for first-time permanent permit applicants under OAR 337-01-0030. Time frame for passing the limited examination: the expired permit holder can re-test in any authorized area up to three times within one year from the date the applicant submits the first application to re-test. Passing score is 70 percent.

(c) Passing the CORE exam and an anatomic area exam will result in reinstatement of a permit for that anatomic area.

(d) For CORE or any anatomic area exam not passed within the maximum time period, the applicant will need to follow the same procedures under OAR 337-010-0030 as a new permanent permit applicant.

(e) Failure to pass CORE within the maximum time period will negate a passing grade on any anatomic area exams taken in accordance with this paragraph.

(f) Under this paragraph, limited permit holders who received their permits under the pre-2007 radiographic positioning can only be reinstated to practice using the current Board-approved radiographic positions, as follows: [Table not included. See ED. NOTE.]

[ED. NOTE: Tables referenced are available from the agency.]

Stat. Auth.: ORS 688.555(1)

Stats. Implemented: ORS 688.445 & 688.505

Hist.: BRT 1-2010, f. & cert. ef. 6-15-10; BMI 2-2013, f. 7-26-13, cert. ef. 1-1-14

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